The Black American Party is an expression of political self determination for black citizens of the United States of America. The evolution from charismatic leadership to structural leadership.

As of this writing, not yet. However we do hope to aggregate enough support through this private social network to garner the signatures and financial support to make an official political
party possible.

This website serves as a private social network for those who support black Americans and the black American family. An ongoing “Barber Shop” or “Beauty Shop” conversation about all issues of importance to black Americans. This web community is a place for developing group political, economic, and evolutionary strategies for black Americans.

We provide a business directory for networking, practicing group economics,  recruitment, and recirculating black dollars.

We also provide an online education portal through which party members can attend and conduct approved courses.

Individual Members

Individual Black American Party members are entitled to:

  • Create a profile
  • Upload an avatar, photos, and other media
  • Connect with other party members
  • Participate in and create groups, forums, and events
  • Atend free educational and training courses through this portal
  • Earn money offering approved educational courses
  • Express yourself freely, without “fact checkers”

Entrepreneur/Business Members

Business Black Party Members are entitled to all of the benefits of individual membership, with the additional benefit of listing your business(es) in the Black American Party Business Directory. This directory is provided for the purposes of professional networking, recruitment,  and recirculating black dollars. It is a tool for black American economic self empowerment.

We charge for membership to the Black American Party private social network for the following reasons:

  1. To cover the costs of programming, hosting, legal, and administrative  expenses involved in maintaining this extranet.

  2. To minimize trolls and other security threats.

  3. To guarantee freedom of expression without censorship or “fact checking”. This private social network is a place suitable for “barber shop” or “beauty shop” conversation.